How to extract the member end and intermediate section forces of a member through OpenSTAAD

We need member end forces for a member in STAAD frequently. One of the requirements is to check the connection capacity at a particular end. We need these forces in a systematic tabular form to compare with the connection capacities at that end.

Here I tried to explain how to do a small program to get the member end forces in excel format without copying and pasting it; but with the help of OpenSTAAD commands and VB programming. This program will be very helpful for the daily activities involved in civil and structural engineer’s routine work too.

Here I have explained how with a small modification in programming we can develop another excel utility to extract the intermediate member section forces at a specified distance from the starting end of the member. This is also important for civil and structural engineers to go with different moment of inertia in a same beam to resist different forces at different locations and to achieve an economical design of beam sections.

To learn the code watch both the videos Part-1 and Part-2.

Download soft tool ready to use click here