How to work fast?

There are plenty of software available for the analysis and design of the structures. Some famous among them are STAAD Pro, ETABS, SAFE, MAT-3D, FOUNDATION-3D, etc. To catch up with the speed of development in the field of structural analysis and design, it is must for every civil & structural engineers to be familiar with such helpful software, learn these software.


And how to work faster?

If you want to work faster; then you have to rule these software. You have to take more out of it than others do. To work faster than others you have to develop your own tools which link with these software and give you what you want more faster than usual methods.

There are platforms like VB, excel, macros, etc with which you can develop your own tools to expedite your daily repetitive and complicated work.

And here is my small effort to guide you to develop your own soft tools to work smart and get ahead of all.

                                                                                                                                                                                       - Jyotiprasad